Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Source: Communication Arts, November 2004 Design Annual, Pg. 45

Art Director: Sharon Werner | Designers: Sharon Werner/ Sarah Nelson | Client: Monica Nassif, Clean & Co. LLC

I picked this design for this week because of the retro looking design on this modern cleaning product line. The type, the drop shadow, the muted colors, the large amount of text scream retro to me. The design is simple and yet busy all at the same time. I like it. 

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Source: Print, Sept/Oct. 1993 Including Computer Art & Design Annual 2, Pg. 128

Designer: James Mowrey | Design Firm: Digital Communication Design | Client: The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts

This week's image was interesting to me and stuck out because of the contrast and the hands. The hands are familiar to everyone and was a good choice of imagery. The light finger tips give us a point of entry and positive space leads my eye over the image. The contrast of the negative space really helps us to be able to focus on the fingers. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Source: Communication Arts, Illustration Annual 40, July 1999, Pg 9

Illustrator/art director/designer: Altered Image, design firm | Client:Euclid Tavern

Promotional poster for Firewater

I picked this design because of the illustration. It is very memorable. Although the colors are muted, the cherub wearing a fire helmet while using his "hose" to "rain" on the crowd below is very unusual. The image is a bit disturbing, but I have a hard time believing, I will forget about it any time soon. The combination of the image along with the text being shoved together on the top and bottom makes this photo a winner this week.