Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Source: Communication Arts Design Annual 45, November 2004, Pg. 91

Art Director: Nelly Yiptong | Designer Director: Tiery Li | Illustrator: Laval Ng | 
Client: ABAIM

I chose this design because it is different. The concept of CD's may be dying out but I love the physical context to this package. It is a book of several different mediums. From story telling, illustration, and music, this media package has it all. The personal touch of the whimsical illustrations are complimentary to the fun folk tales that coordinates with the music. 

Friday, March 10, 2017

Kibbles ~N~ Bits

Source: Communication Arts, Advertising Annual 45, December 2004, Pg. 19

Art Director: Joel Nendel | Writer: Troy Asplund | Creative Director: Troy Schneider  | Photographer: Michael Jones

The award winning image I chose is one with a very creative concept. As you look at the image, you know, with out seeing the dog actually there, that a dog patiently waits for its trusted owner to bring food. I imagine, looking at this image and having 3 dogs of my own, that the dog will go to its empty bowl, bark, and as the dog's human brings the bowl full of food, the dog cannot control it's joy, via it's wagging tail, hence the markings it made down to the bare wood. This image brings me much joy.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Source: Communication Arts, Advertising Annual 45, December 2004, Pg. 20

Art Director: Jeff Williams Writer: Jeff King | Creative Directors: Roger Camp/Susan Hoffman | Photographers: Vernon J. Biever/Peter Donahue/Errol Morris

The award winning ad I chose this week was easily spotted, knowing exactly what I was looking for.  It has larger font size, as it is a lower resolution print. The text format is left/ragged right. Because of the font size, the designer decided to use sans-serif font. And last but not least, the type is dark on a light background for easy reading.