Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Source: Graphics, Issue 355, Pg. 102

John Bielenberg: "Solving Problems", Text by Andrew Zolli,
 Portrait by Victor John Penner

"When I was younger, I didn't really understand design, and as I got closer to the top of what I though was the mountain, I had this sense of anticipated dissatisfaction- a sense that this can't be what I had wanted. 
What I love about design is that it lives outside the world of rarified practitioners. It lives in the marketplace.
If I'm going to take money from people to design, what should  I be doing for them and what problem am I solving?
Design can be a means of telling a powerful story as clearly as possible."- John Bielenberg

This designer really nailed it on the head with this image. Designers want their work to be known. They are "telling a story" and that is what to be heard.  The color in the back ground is not too over powering that it distracts from the text. The person behind the brochure is out of focus. The hand seems to be burnt down to some degree to ensure that nothing distracts or distorts the message. The image is simple and to the point. Very visually aesthetic. 

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